TI and Tee(pronounced T.N.T.) are songwriters, producers and a studio music group specializing in the R&B genre and home-based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Ti and Tee markets their music as INDEPENDENT ARTISTS using digital media such as ITUNES, YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY and  AMAZON.COM to name only a few. In addition, the music of Ti and Tee can be heard regularly on JANGO INTERNET RADIO.

A father-son duet that operates out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Group started writing, producing and performing their own music, as a hobby, over 10 years ago. The Group, over time, amassed a large repertoire of music which they, in the year 2011,  decided to present to the public. Ti and Tee published two albums between 2011 and 2015.  A third album is in the process of being finalized and will be published in the near future. Check this website regularly to see the release date and to see what else is happening with Ti and Tee.

 The first album was released in 2011 and was entitled RAPPIN TO THE BLUES. It was primarily a story-telling album set to a blues/r&b musical background. Since it emphasized the story-telling, it left little room for dancing. It, however, hit the mark with the story-telling by bringing you face-to-face with some of the realities of life.

The most popular track from the first album was named FLOATIN'.  Anyone who drank too much and had a "hangover" can relate to this track. Another popular track from this album is named OUT ALL NIGHT. This is a story about a guy who stayed out all night and had to come home and face his "significant other". The video for this track is still popular and getting regular plays on YOUTUBE.

Ti and Tee released their second album in 2015 and it was titled GREENER GRASS. This album is more dance oriented. In fact, the most popular track from this album is named BOOTY ROLL.  The video for this track has over 75,000 views at YOUTUBE and is still getting more on a daily basis. Another stand-out track from this album is titled LIVING ON THE EDGE. It speaks to the violence in the streets of our cities in the hope of inspiring some of our youth to choose a different path.

Ti and Tee is currently busy trying to get their third album finalized and released. This album will be different from their first two albums because it will contain a couple of slow-beat tracks to go along with the upbeat dance tracks. Fast or slow, it will still be considered a dance album. If there is a Recording Companies out there who is willing to help, get in touch. In the meantime, scroll through this website to sample what has already been released. Check back with this website regularly to see how Ti and Tee is progressing.

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